Aluminium Door Repairs in the UK

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Aluminium doors, much like other lightweight door and window materials like composite and uPVC, use more complex mechanisms such as multipoint locking mechanism. Their lightweight build makes them more vulnerable to forced entry, which is why multipoint locking is recommended to further stabilize the door when locked into the door frame.

Because multipoint locking mechanisms are generally complex, they may require maintenance services or specialized locksmith professionals who are effectively well-versed in the components and designs of such. Like uPVC doors, it can be dramatically expensive to neglect the repair of multipoint locking mechanisms as they may cause untimely problems such as lockouts and jammed doors. 

Numerous locksmith services specialize in servicing aluminium doors, most especially those familiar with uPVC and composite doors. These door types are quite similar to each other in that locksmiths usually utilize the same skills and expertise when repairing doors and windows of these types.

While each locksmith may advertise specialities concerning aluminium doors, there are often different approaches to mending them. Some may prefer to outright replace certain parts, while others are skilled at repairing aluminium doors in lieu of replacing in order to save their clients from the cost of getting new ones.

In many cases, aluminium door repairs are easily damaged due to accidents or even break-ins. This easily gives way to the need for numerous services, from door frame repairs to a full aluminium door replacement. 

What kind of repairs are done on aluminium doors?

Each aluminium door can have tons of possible issues with its complex design and numerous parts and components. With every component having their own set of potential flaws, you can expect that locksmiths and door repair specialists often have their hands full with different repair jobs.

The most common services for aluminium doors often concern their locking systems. Most aluminium doors use a multipoint locking mechanism with a euro cylinder lock. Sometimes, these euro cylinders accidentally snap or break due to being worn-out or misused. Making sure your aluminium doors have high-quality locks is of utmost importance as having substandard ones can cause emergency situations such as lockouts and jammed doors. 

However, it’s unavoidable that we forget about the integrity and quality of our door and window locks. This causes all kinds of problems often at the most unexpected times, which is why numerous locksmith services offer emergency repair and 24/7 call-out response for situations like these. They respond to all kinds of issues, ranging from jammed aluminium doors to a faulty locking mechanism preventing the door from being opened.

aluminium bifold door

How do aluminium door locks work?

If you have aluminium, composite, or uPVC doors, most likely they use a locking mechanism known as a multipoint locking mechanism. These locking mechanisms come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs but all of them essentially use the same principle.

What makes these locking mechanisms different is their use of multiple hooks or locking points. These multiple locking points are all attached to the locking mechanism and simultaneously move. By releasing the door handle, these three bolts or hooks move into place in the door firm and secure the whole door in place. From this, they are then locked in place by turning the euro-cylinder lock fitted in the door.

Multipoint locking is commonly used among aluminium doors but they are also widely used in other door types such as uPVC and composite doors. The reason this type of locking mechanism is so common among these types of doors is because of their lightweight build and vulnerability to forced entry.

These multipoint locks are designed to make the doors more stable and resistant to being forced open. By having more hooks attached to the door frame, aluminium doors are better fit to protect your house and still provide the benefits of having an aluminium build.

It’s good to be aware that these types of locking mechanisms are more difficult to repair. This is due to the fact that there are so many types, designs, and parts in multipoint mechanisms, which can pose a challenge to locksmiths if they have not encountered it before. 

Because of this, it’s important to know the telling signs and symptoms when it’s time to get your door checked for any faulty parts or whether it needs to be refurbished or repaired soon. Doing this will save you a lot of money for the cost of repairs as these are much more expensive to repair when the mechanism breaks down completely. Aside from that, maintaining these mechanisms will also help you avoid getting caught up in emergency situations that might leave you locked out of your home late at night or in untimely situations.


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