Cheap Locksmith Prices in Belfast

Locked out of your house? Lost your keys? Or just have a faulty door that’s no good at locking?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for a locksmith or are interested in availing their services. There’s no end to the number of locksmith services out there. Each one probably has its own set of services and specialities, but they probably seem the same to everyone.

This is what’s probably you’re experiencing. And it’s not just you, it’s almost everyone out there. It’s so difficult to judge which locksmith could provide the services you need since all of them offer the most common products and provide lock changing, lock repair, and lock emergency services.

Almost everyone experiences this so most of them base it on the most obviously practical factor for each service: pricing. This often means canvassing for the locksmith service with the most affordable service fees and choosing the one that fits their budget the most. 

However, deciding solely on prices is never the best way to go about choosing locksmith services. There should always be a good balance between their prices and the quality of service they offer. This assures that you do only get your locks fixed with as little damage to your wallet, but you also get a locksmith that skillfully conducts the repairs and makes sure it lasts for a long time.

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Why Do Locksmith Prices Vary So Much?

If you’re confused why locksmith prices are not standard across all locksmith services, it’s because there are so many things locksmiths take into account when giving quotes for their services.

Often, different services have various levels of complexities and might require specific tools or processes that make the repair longer or more costly to do. This means that locksmiths have to raise their prices for more specialized repairs. 

Because of this, most locksmiths also do not publish their full rates or fees. Usually, you get a number or an email along with a post asking you to call them for a free quotation. This helps the services assess each customer’s situation individually and tailor a quote specifically for the level of difficulty of the job they will handle.

Aside from the fact, another reason why locksmiths across the UK have varying prices is due to the lack of any governing body or regulatory authority for locksmiths and locksmith companies. This means that literally anyone can claim to be a locksmith that can fix locks, doors, and keys.

This also means that locksmiths can set any price for their services and adjust it any time they wish to charge more or less. 

It’s no surprise that such a conundrum presents a wider range of issues in the locksmith industry. These include large nationwide call centers who claim to have local expert locksmiths, but, in reality, only subcontract their work to local affiliates and charge extra fees on top of the local locksmith’s services.  

However, most legitimate locksmiths are driven by fairness and dedication to customer satisfaction in all their services. Rather than trying togouge more out of each customer, they change prices only to ensure that it is fair for both them and the customer. But why would they need to charge different fees?

Well, there are a variety of factors. 

The most obvious one is the complexity of the lock that you need repaired. Different lock manufacturers often create various models with different security mechanisms. As a lock becomes more expensive, it typically becomes more secure and uses more complex processes to keep the property secure. This is why such locks are also more expensive to repair, dismantle, or replace compared to others.

The price also changes depending on the type of lock you choose to have your doors replaced with. As mentioned, some locks cost more than others depending on the level of security you choose. Locksmiths typically stock a range of options customers can choose from, but they typically recommend those that comply with insurance policies or national standards such as the British Standard locks. If you’re worried about having to pay more than what you currently have, you can usually consult locksmiths about your budget and the options they can offer with that budget.

Another one is your location. Locksmiths in major city centres are usually more expensive than those in less congested areas because of additional parking charges and other fees. However, some locksmiths also charge higher call-out fees for residents living in distant areas without any nearby locksmiths.

However, the most common reason behind varying locksmith prices by far is due to call-out and labour fees. These two fees are where locksmiths have various schemes in place. For example, they usually charge higher for the call-out and hourly labour for emergency calls outside business hours. They can also charge you higher for calling on a weekend or a holiday compared to weekdays.

Some of these may not be apparent at the first call with a locksmith, especially if they advertise having zero call-out fees. This is why it’s important to thoroughly ask your locksmith for all the fees they will be charging.

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Common Locksmith Prices in Belfast and UK

Even though locksmith services have greatly varying prices, national organizations such as the Master Locksmith Association consistently publish price guides to help give consumers an idea of what prices are generally like. According to their 2020 Price Guide, if you’re looking to have simple locks like standard cylinders or rim cylinders repaired, these are often covered by the base prices of locksmith services, which often go for £75 to £85. 

For more complex or expensive locks, they can go for higher prices. Some of these include anti-snap cylinders on uPVC doors, which start at £110, and mortice locks (deadlocks or sash locks), which start at £115. Mortice locks come in different sizes and are quite complicated to fit and repair. Some locksmiths may have to rework your door to replace the mortice lock.

For other common types of locks, they usually depend on the expertise of the locksmith and the complexity of the lock type. According to locksmith directory What’s The Damage, changing patio door locks and night latches both usually go for around £90, with £20-30 being the price of the lock itself. If you only need it opened because it is not working properly, you can expect to pay around £60 for a non-emergency call-out.

Meanwhile, replacing locks for garage doors are actually cheaper than most locks, starting at around £80. 


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