Double Glazing Door Repairs in the UK

Double glazing doors are widely used door types for a lot of commercial and residential establishments. They allow plenty of natural light to enter homes without causing a lot of heat. They are also very efficient in maintaining temperatures inside your home during extreme seasons such as summer and winter. Moreover, they help keep noise outside since there are two glass panes to insulate it.

However, they also require a range of specialized maintenance services. A lot can go wrong with double glazing and repairing them needs plenty of expertise and experience to properly repair them.

Glazed doors and windows also require special attention for their security mechanisms. Typically, residential glazed doors and windows use uPVC, composite, and other types of materials. These types usually use different locking mechanisms which are more complicated than the usual.

domestic double glazing in room


With the numerous applications of glazing, it’s no surprise that there are also numerous kinds of services catering to various glazing needs. Each service aims to provide specific glazing necessities to the clients and ensure all their personal needs are met.

Domestic glazing, one of the most common glazing services, is glazing that caters to residential properties and homes with glass architecture. Glazing is typically done for the many doors and windows that are designed with glass, typically to let natural light in. Commonly done for areas of the house with glass panes and walls, domestic glazing is perfect for your patio, sunroom, or conservatory to keep them well-lit and integrated with the outdoors while still preserving a comfortable temperature inside.

For shops, offices, and large businesses, plenty of glazing companies provide extensive commercial glazing services to fit a wide variety of needs. There are many possible applications of glass glazing for commercial establishments and they can all be customized to fit the needs of their premises. The most common types include large glass with framing, cantilevered glass, bolting systems, multi-laminated glass, and perimeter steel framing. All these can take on an even wider variety through a range of glass types: anti-bandit glass, laminated glass, floating glass, wired glass, toughened glass, and many others.

Of course, glazing is not only done when constructing shops and houses. It is also widely done in response to emergencies such as break-ins, burglaries, and other crimes that cause glass damage. Plenty of glazing services also offer what’s known as emergency glazing, which is a 24-hour glazing service to respond to board-up necessities. These services aim to restore security within the premises of an establishment or property by quickly putting up new glass panes in places where the damage occurred. 

Most companies also engage in boarding up and emergency repairs after break-ins to secure the perimeter of the property and restore security. This involves repairing or replacing most or all of the locks inside the premises with higher standard locks, and ensuring that there are as little vulnerabilities as possible while waiting for full repairs.

In order to give the full service, most glazing services also specialize in security services and uPVC parts for doors and windows with glazing. These include locks such as 3-point and 5-point locks, door handles, and patio wheels. 

Each glazing and locksmith service has their own specialty and scope of services so you should find the best locksmith for your glazing job.

residential double glazing door


If you are looking to get your doors and windows glazed, it’s best to look into a good glazing service near you that’s trusted and has a solid record of experience in glazing. A lot of locksmiths and security services offer glazing services alongside their locksmith services. If you have a trusted locksmith, try asking them whether they offer glazing services or know someone who is an expert at that.

It’s also important to work with a service that has experience handling a variety of establishments, particularly those that have experience working on cases similar to your property or needs. Some have experience with particular types of establishments such as offices, shops, and schools. Make sure to check what the glazing or locksmith service advertises as their coverage of service.

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If you’re looking for double glazing repairs, D&M Locksmiths is a fully experienced emergency locksmith service that offers high-quality services for affordable prices. You can call D&M locksmith any time of the day and we will respond to your location as quickly as possible.

Our services cover everything from domestic and commercial glazing to uPVC door and window security locks. We also provide emergency services for break-in repairs, emergency repairs, and boarding up.

For PVC door mechanism repairs and services, we also cater to locking mechanism issues starting at £130. 

Our lock change and repair services start at only £75 and we strictly follow a fixed price quote that includes everything from call-out to labour. We also offer a variety of services for commercial establishments starting at £80 for security inside shops and offices. 

We cover a wide range of areas in Belfast and surrounding areas, including Newtownabbey, Ballymena, Bangor, Carrickfergus, Larne, and Newtownards.

Our team of locksmith specialists is available 24/7 to respond to any emergency call-outs and answer inquiries about our services. If you are unsure whether we offer the service you need, give us a call and we’ll gladly do our best to attend to your situation. 

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