Garage Door Repairs Near Me

Garage doors are probably one of the least consdered areas in a home when it comes to property security. People often discount the value of the garage because its contents may not be valuable or there may simply be nothing there.

However, what many people fail to realize is that garages are often connected to the rest of their home.The things we store in our garage specifically may not be of value to us, but we certainly cherish all the things inside our very home.

wooden garage door of a house


Thieves and all kinds of criminals always see garages as viable opportunities to exploit since residents rarely secure them. They also know that, unlike other entry ways, there is a much lesser chance of a person being in the garage.

If you want to protect your home, it is also very crucial to make sure your locks and garage security mechanisms are all properly working. This means that if you have not gotten your garage locks checked for a long time or you bought a new home with basic locks for the garage, it is probably good to have them checked for any damages or vulnerabilities.

There are plenty of services that cater to different aspects of garage security. Most locksmiths, including D&M Locksmiths, can cover most of the common aspects such as garage door lock repair, lock refurbishment, and new lock fitting. 

However, garage doors come in all shapes and sizes so their locking mechanisms may also vary too. Fortunately, these garage door locks do not vary as much and usually come in common sizes. This makes it much simpler for locksmiths to repair them and have good knowledge of garage door locks. 

It’s good to make sure that your garage door repair locksmith has the necessary expertise for your needs. If you can find information on the type of garage door and lock you have, it’s also good to check up with the locksmith to know if he handles those kinds of locks. This will help avoid wasting precious time and even call-out fees.


Garage doors require many types of services and the prices of which can vary drastically. However, for those with issues on their garage doors, repairing your garage door’s locks is actually less expensive than repairing other kinds of locks such as mortice locks and patio door locks.

According to the Master Locksmith Association’s 2020 Locksmith Price Guide, a repair for garage door locks starts at £80. These repairs can also take time, with the website saying they take at least 30 minutes.

However, garage door lock prices often vary as with all locksmith services. The final fee you end up paying can change depending on the labor fees, the type of lock used, the time you called, your location, and any other additional fees your locksmith might charge you on. 

When calling a locksmith, make sure to clarify the inclusions of the fees, how labour is charged, and whether or not you will pay other fees. There are many reasons why locksmiths can charge dramatically different prices on services. If you wanna know more, you can read our article on how much emergency locksmiths cost and how much to change locks.


Garage door services are a very specialized skill set and only certain locksmiths are able to handle such repairs and operations. It is important to thoroughly check your locksmith to see if they actively advertise and take on garage door repair services because, aside from lock replacements, they are often costly and time-consuming.

Be very particular about what locksmiths advertise on their website as sometimes we can confuse certain services for others. Many locksmiths can take on ordinary garage door lock replacement and repairs but not a lot actually provide services for the garage door as a whole. 

Therefore, it’s really important to get a locksmith that you trust and that is backed up by a track record of numerous satisfied customers. There are multiple ways to find out if a locksmith service or company is trustworthy, and it is usually through popular platforms such as Google and Facebook. 

Some locksmiths are registered with some feedback platforms such as Trustist and Checkatrade, which are also trustworthy feedback sites popular among businesses. However, certain platforms are known for being manipulated and “paid for” by the company to put good ratings and filter out or block bad reviews. That’s why it’s always good to cross-check multiple sites.

Another way is by asking trusted friends if they ever have experience with locksmiths and whether they can recommend some good ones. Locksmiths usually gain new customers through word-of-mouth as it is a good way of getting actual feedback on their services. This is important especially since you will be entrusting the safety of your home to them.


If you’re looking for fully experienced emergency locksmiths that offer high-quality services for affordable prices, call D&M locksmith any time of the day and we will respond to your location as quickly as possible. 

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Our team of locksmith specialists is available 24/7 to respond to any emergency call-outs and answer inquiries about our services. If you are unsure whether we offer the service you need, give us a call and we’ll gladly do our best to attend to your situation. 

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