How Much Is It To Change Locks?

Locksmiths are experts in a variety of services and we can often rely on them for so many things. The best professional locksmiths are trained to work on a variety of door and lock types, as well as ensure security by conducting security checks and other complementary services.

But most of us only know locksmiths for two things: lock repairs and key cutting. What many of us don’t know is that locksmiths’ services can have drastically different prices for the same service. 

Each door and lock type usually has its own unique mechanisms which means that locksmiths have to familiarize themselves with each one. This is why some locksmiths often advertise certain specialities or areas of expertise.

cylinder lock prices

If you’re looking to have simple locks like standard cylinders or rim cylinders repaired, these are often covered by the base prices of locksmith services, which often go for £75 to £85. 

However, numerous homes and commercial properties often equip more complex lock mechanisms which take longer for locksmiths to pick and unlock. Some of these include anti-snap cylinders on uPVC doors, which start at £110, and mortice locks (deadlocks or sash locks), which start at £115. Mortice locks come in different sizes and are quite complicated to fit and repair. Some locksmiths may have to rework your door to replace the mortice lock.

For other common types of locks, they usually depend on the expertise of the locksmith and the complexity of the lock type.  According to locksmith directory What’s The Damage, changing patio door locks and night latches both usually go for around £90, with £20-30 being the price of the lock itself.If you only need it opened because it is not working properly, you can expect to pay around £60 for a non-emergency call-out.

Meanwhile, replacing locks for garage doors are actually cheaper than most locks, starting at around £80. 


The locksmith industry is largely varied due to the fact that there is no regulating body governing the locksmiths. This means anyone can claim to be a locksmith and they can charge any price for their services.

You may think this sounds problematic which is why some organizations such as the Master Locksmith Association have created standards for locksmith businesses and continuously screen locksmiths to license them for their skills. This helps many customers in finding trustworthy locksmiths with legitimate skills and experience.

Although they exist, MLA still cannot regulate prices in the industry and ensure fairness within the whole industry. Different pricing schemes exist for different locksmiths so it is always good to be aware about all of them so malicious locksmiths won’t be able to take advantage of you.

To help customers all over the UK, the Master Locksmith Association publishes a locksmith service price guide that is updated yearly to reflect changes in the industry.

Often, locksmiths have to adjust prices for sensible reasons such as the brand and quality or standard of the lock. Certain brands usually cause more, especially if they are British Standard or anti-snap locks that comply with insurance policies. 

For more sophisticated or secure locks, expect prices to be more expensive for both their unlocking and fitting services. These locks are designed to be more difficult to pick and retail at higher prices so locksmiths need to adjust their fees. You can always talk to your locksmith about the range of options they have so you can choose the best one that fits your budget and security needs.

Aside from these, locksmiths also have to adjust their service fees depending on the location and time of call-out. They often have to spend their own money for fuel, toll fees, and other travel expenses when attending to call-outs, especially for customers in far areas. These expenses may be charged to you on top of the service fees.

Service fees can also be more expensive for late night and after-hours call-outs. Some locksmiths apply this by setting higher call-out fees or higher labour rates. Make sure to clarify these when you call for their services.

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How much is it to change locks with D&M Locksmiths?

Nowadays, it’s especially hard to find locksmiths that have your best interest in mind. Some try to swindle customers by sneaking in hidden charges that were never explained to the customer upon inquiry.

In D&M Locksmiths, we never do that to any of our customers. Our mission is to provide all our customers with the best security we can give them through our locksmith services without blowing a hole through their pockets. 

By calling us for your emergency and non-emergency locksmith needs, we can provide you with a FREE fixed quotation on our services. This means that no matter how long the job takes, as long as the work needed matches what was communicated over the phone, we charge the same price. This fixed price quote already includes the labour charge, call-out fees, and the parts and components that will be used for the job.

We strive to be completely transparent with all our customers and are eager to answer all the questions or concerns you might have. Do not hesitate to call us with any of your questions about our services.

Our services start at £70 for burglary repairs, £75 for lock changes, £80 for commercial lock changes and special commercial locksmith needs, and £130 for PVC door mechanism replacements. We can provide you with an exact quote once we assess your situation over the phone.

We cover a wide range of areas in Belfast and surrounding areas, including Newtownabbey, Ballymena, Bangor, Carrickfergus, Larne, and Newtownards.

Our team of locksmith specialists is available 24/7 to respond to any emergency call-outs and answer inquiries about our services. If you are unsure whether we offer the service you need, give us a call and we’ll gladly do our best to attend to your situation. 

Call us now at 02895-320213 for all inquiries on our services and prices.