How to Change Barrel Lock on UPVC Door Without Key

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UPVC doors are one of the most widely used door types for homes, offices, and other establishments. They are used for so many types of doors and windows that there is a large base of locksmiths offering services around these doors. One of the main advantages of using them are the capability for double glazed doors and windows to let natural light in the house. However, they use locking mechanisms that are different from most doors.

In fact, UPVC doors use a special type of mechanism known as multipoint locking mechanisms to compensate for the lightweight bendable build of the plastic. Because of this, there is a separate set of services just for these kinds of mechanisms. Often, they require special attention because of the complexity of the design of these locks. 

Aside from this, multipoint mechanisms also come in various types and functions, with each manufacturer having their own signature design. This means the best locksmiths are often those with a wide range of experience in handling UPVC locks.

Very often, we find ourselves with issues with these doors. Issues can come from a variety of parts in the lock. It can be that the door itself has issues with its alignment, or that the hinges are too loose. Aside from this, it can also be because of the integrity of the mechanism inside the door frame.

But a lot of times, it can also be because of the cylinder lock fitted inside the door’s locking mechanism. 

To fully secure the multipoint locking mechanism, they are fitted with common locks known as euro cylinder locks. This type of lock is relatively mainstream and there are a lot of locksmiths who stock and repair this type. 

However, the most common issue with UPVC doors also ironically come from these locks. Many residents and establishment owners often neglect these locks and use ordinary ones that fail to meet national security standards. This often causes snapped cylinders, dysfunctional locks, and lockout situations. 

In times like these, we often require a locksmith to come to our property to resolve the issue. In the end, the cylinder has to be replaced with a new one, costing money again.

What if I lost my keys?

In the most unexpected times, you might find yourself in a situation where you find out you don’t have your keys. You have no idea where it went or whether you misplaced it or somebody stole it. Now, the biggest issue is that you’re locked out of your house with no other way of getting in.

The best response to situations like this is always to call a locksmith. They are professionals when it comes to removing or picking locks to get you into your house. With most of them offering emergency services, it’s often not that difficult to find one that operates in your location 24/7 or even outside business hours. By calling a trusted service, you not only get into your house as soon as possible but you also avoid any damage to your door or property instead of attempting to force your way in.

This is especially important for UPVC doors since the cylinder locks are connected to the complex multipoint mechanisms. If not done by a professional, the lock may end up damaging other parts or components which can lead to other issues that end up worsening the issue.

But What If I Just Want to Remove the Lock on an Old Door?

screwing UPVC door lock to replace cylinder

Some of us may have old rooms or doors to which we do not have the key anymore. This may be because the room is generally unused or the previous owners were not able to hand over their set of keys. 

Nonetheless, some of you may have these doors and have recently decided to replace their locks. Because of this, you might be keen on replacing it but you do not necessarily want to get a locksmith to come and do it for you.

You might be thinking of the cost of getting a UPVC locksmith and feel like it’s not worth it to have someone just repair a lock and pay nearly a hundred euros for it. So you think it may be possible to change the lock yourself. 

Should I replace the barrel of the door lock by myself?

We often have issues with UPVC doors and most of them usually come from the euro cylinder lock. This kind of lock is fairly common and lots of locksmiths can repair or replace these types of locks. 

First, it’s important to consider your skill and confidence in doing home mechanics projects. It is perfectly fine to have little experience as long as you trust that you have done similar mechanical projects in the past that have gone hitchless.

You also need to make sure that you have someone to run to or contact in case something goes wrong. This may mean accidentally causing damage to your door or failing to completely remove or replace the cylinder lock. Doing this yourself involves a fair amount of risk and you may end up needing to get a professional to finish the job so it’s worth preparing that for emergencies.

However, due to the fairly straightforward process of replacing these locks, many have managed to pull them off on their own. It is just a matter of making sure you have the right tools, the right locks, and that you follow the process closely to avoid any further damage.

Replacing the UPVC Lock Barrel 

First of all, it is important to be able to assess the door and the lock currently attached to it.  If the door lock is jammed, you should not attempt to replace the lock without the assistance of a locksmith professional.

In order to be able to dismantle the lock, you need to see the and identify the lock mechanism or lock type used in the door.  This means being able to see the latch plate of the door lock. The latch plate is the flat piece of metal that surrounds the latch bolt and deadbolt that connects to the door frame when you close the door.

On the door’s edge, unscrew the latch plate. If possible, remove it completely from the door. This will allow you to start removing the euro lock cylinder.

Next, look at the handle. At the base of the handle, there should be a screw fastening it to the door. Remove the screw using a screwdriver or a drill if needed. After removing it, hold the interior trim or the side of the door handle that is in the inside of the room. Do the same with the other side of the handle which is the exterior handle. After firmly gripping each side, try to pull both sides away from the door. The two sides should come loose as the screw is often the only thing fastening the locks to the door.

In the interior trim and handle, there might be a pinhole holding the handle in place. Get a paper clip and straighten this so you can use it as a pin. Then, insert the pin in the pinhole and apply pressure to release the handle in the interior. Continue inserting the pin until you reach the lock cylinder until it reaches the mechanism of the lock itself. Once you reach that, you will be able to trigger the lock to release.

Now, you can remove the trim by twisting it off by hand or using a flat metal you can pry it with. Usually, you’ll find screws underneath. Once you find these, you can unscrew them and that will release the lock which you can dismantle by hand from the door.

In very old knobs, you might find wire wrapped around the trim instead. You can apply pressure on this which should cause the interior part of the lock to become released. From there, you can also pull out the exterior part of the lock.


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