UPVC Door Lock Repairs

When dealing with security, locks are often the most common methods to control access and entry. There are locks affixed to doors almost everywhere we go, and normally we encounter numerous types of locks and mechanisms. Some houses may have the standard rim cylinder locks and night latches, while others have mortice locks and cylinder locks. For larger properties or those involved in commercial activities, it is often common to have access control systems such as smart locks similar to the key card locks seen in hotels. For tenanted properties and offices, it’s common for landlords and managers to have master key suites or restricted access systems customized to the authority of each person working in their premises.

Aside from their purpose, another factor which causes locks to differ is the material or build of the door or entryway itself. There are different types of locks for gates, garages, patio doors, windows, and other openings and entryways in the property because they may be made of a different material. 

UPVC Doors and Windows

upvc door

Certain types of doors require specific mechanisms to fit locks into it. One of these is the Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, more commonly known as UPVC. This material is a durable, low-maintenance material often used for doors and window frames. You can commonly see it as the all-white frame lining glazed doors and windows.

Doors and windows made from UPVC often require a specific mechanism known as a multipoint lock. These are often mechanisms embedded into the frame of the door to connect the handle and the cylinder lock. In addition to maintaining these mechanisms, UPVC locks also need to have durable cylinder locks, with the most common being euro cylinders. 

As specialists in all UPVC mechanisms, D&M Locksmiths guarantees first-class service for all UPVC-related repairs. If you’re having an issue with the locking mechanism on your door, it is advised to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. These conditions on UPVC doors will eventually lead to a door that’s jammed closed and unable to be opened with the key, which might leave you locked outside of your home.

Our specialist locksmiths have in-depth experiences handling both common and more unusual issues when it comes to UPVC doors. We can fit, repair, and replace all kinds of UPVC doors for both front and back doors, as well as fit locks into UPVC windows. Numerous kinds of issues can arise with UPVC door mechanisms. These can include broken keys, snapped locks, faulty mechanisms, door misalignment, and so many others. D&M Locksmith aims to cater to each and every one of these issues and assures you that your UPVC doors and windows will be soon back in working order.

D&M Locksmiths is committed to providing quality service for UPVC doors by recommending the use of only the best locks. In many cases, euro cylinders are seen in residential properties and may be long worn out or poorly fitted to the doors. This leaves the property vulnerable to break-ins using specific techniques, or may someday suddenly snap in half. To avoid this, it’s important to regularly replace locks and upgrade them to more modern versions that usually have better security features and durability. 

A good example of viable lock upgrades is the BS3621 euro cylinder lock. Although generally more expensive than the generic ones, locks with the BS3621 designation are recognized by the British Standards Institute (BSI) as compliant with standard home insurance policy and thief-resistant.

Another type of upgrade from the generic euro cylinder locks is the 3-star cylinder lock. These cylinder locks are also designated as BS3621 locks and provide top-quality durability and security to deter criminals who attempt to illegally enter your home. Upgrading to 3-star cylinder locks usually go for around £105 to £140.

The costs of repairing UPVC doors can vary depending on which components need to be replaced or repaired. For UPVC Repairs, prices start at £130 for repairs while non-BS Standard euro cylinder fittings are priced around £75. Call us now to speak directly to our expert locksmiths and get free quotations for the services you need.

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There are many locksmith services out there offering their own specialties, and, while many of them are legitimate, some are also outlandishly expensive and dishonest to their customers. In D&M Locksmiths, we pride ourselves in prioritizing our customers’ satisfaction and giving them reliable services that ensure their safety. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • Local and Independent – We are NOT a national call centre. Our whole team is based in Belfast and concentrates on operating within Belfast and other areas in Northern Ireland only. With an independent company like us, you do not have to worry about any hidden charges or surprise labour fees. We give all our customers a FREE fixed quotation over the phone that gives the exact amount of what they need to pay. 
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  • Trustworthy, Tried, and Tested – You do not have to worry about getting unskilled workers who might be pretending to understand the job. Here at D&M Locksmiths, all our locksmiths are fully qualified and have been in the profession for many years. We have a counter on our website that tracks how many jobs we have done so far (we are currently at 950). It is important to get locksmiths with a solid reputation for fixing locks, and you can be sure that D&M Locksmiths is one of those.
  • Free Security Assessments – With every customer we meet, we do not merely aim to come to their house just to fix their lock or do whatever service they need. D&M Locksmiths aims to assist customers in improving their property’s overall security, which is why we conduct free security assessments for all our bookings. From that, you can get free professional advice on the locks that can be replaced and security features that can be installed to give you complete peace of mind.


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